The Real Ex-Housewives of Palantir

Notes on your rites of automatic disintegration, dialectical lunacy, and a few chocolates for Engels.

The objectivist dialectic of momentary truth pulls the other into negative truths. The other is forced into the failed truth so as to subsume it, and the lie is not taken up as it is left behind with the failure of truth.

Return to Russia with the words of America, and he who has ears will hear his own hatred of your return. The deaf lead the blind with whispers, the outside becomes its own image of the void eye - terrifying the blind into sight with void noise. “For a moment the lie becomes truth.”

There is no lie but the truth of failure, the truth which can lead to nothing but failure. This is clear in America’s war strategy: enter Russia and learn its language, return home with the language to allow the nation to turn its hatred against you. The truth of the two-front war becomes a lie as the theatre becomes nothing but a theatre. The Russians are to be drawn into the two-front war, to accept the truth and its failure. In this way America goes beyond military experimentation with war, with truth, with lies, peace. The two-front war which it creates becomes Russian’s truth, and America unloads the truth and the failure inherent in two-front wars onto the enemy it has itself acted out.

This is the logic of the doubled state.

Ukraine Crisis: Donbass. Chronicle of Genocide. Banned on TV

Commander Breedlove says cisgendered people must be stricken from the Right to War. Says Queer Ultraviolence is only acceptable path to WWIII.

The abstract violence of women is inherent in their being given the right to life, in being the centre outside the natural world of violence - of which only men may enter. It is a guarantee, they are able to use manipulation and seduction as a form of violence due to the biological law which mythologises Woman as the form of life and denatures violence away from Her, reintegrating violence in the dead reproduction of men. Women do not need to use violence because their right to life will automatically return and valorise against men, if they so choose. A woman can destroy a community and be given the benefit of another community; a man is always suspect. Whatever violence women experience is only a surplus of ruins - civilised violence against men breaches the gate.
And in process the state deepens this law with its agents. The state monopolises the use of force in negative form, ensuring that violence can never be used against them. Otherwise, the world and its G-d will come down upon a man with all possible violence. The abstract state forces an atheist eschatology, a sacred space in which all agents become abstract women - given the right to life beyond recourse, violence need only valorise against the one denounced and manipulated into a cursed world. Agents can then carry out rituals of manipulation and seduction, and into the sacred state beyond all violence the cursed are drawn. This is the ultimate violence of civilisation, passive violence, when men and women become a duality in violent automation. The wandering gender of absolute violence occurs when real gods in the world cease to believe even in their own reproduction. They have gone beyond experimentation with the violence of life. The law of love subsumes the law of violence.
Renouncing one’s right to life is the first step in escaping the monopoly of denunciation and civilised violence. And yet one must also denounce the fetish of death so secure within human violence.

Ebola quarantine chaos: Police fire on desperate crowds in sealed-off Liberian capital zone

Anything I have read leads me to believe ebola will be coming to Europe and North America, if not immediately then by way of India and China. It is completely out of control now in Africa.

The Judeo-Christian Islamists paint the humvees, hand them over to what becomes a black square, and then create an appearance over the mountains. Bless them.

This is much like the process of not going to war when everything becomes impossible. Curse us.

Let’s roll.

Forget marxism, situationism, anarchism. These are all monistic productions, recapitulations of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The construction of a single God for you to rebel against is a negative theology of great cordons. Primitive recapitulations become the scientific future.

All revolutions are controlled by the academies, the bourgeois art of progression, and your own impelled curation of life in the will of control.

We are the avant-garde of avant-academia.

We are the avant-garde of avant-avant-psyops.

Eschatological Self-triumph.

There is now a single identity of G-d in the abstract state. Through —d’s will Islam must be destroyed for its heresy against the new god of time. Their being valorises against the transcendence in identity of the abstract state. They refuse the singular form of which the end must come.

Western Jews have fortified the boundaries, the temple rearises and anything outside of its border is fair game. Waiting. Christianity creates the Western Islamist just as it created its aesthetic God in Christ. Forming. The militant abstract Christians, once in Jewish garb and now in Islamic, descend into the Arab world and recreate WWII - of which they were never a part.

Muslims must be crucified into Western Islam, and so abstract Christianity, for the abstract state to have its transcendent identity. Islam is forced into the ecce homo of modernity through an efficacious grace of chemicals strapped to another’s form. Atheism becomes spirit/biology dualism. Behold the man, a Chr-st, in the flesh, now abstracted together - limb for limb, in the street and courtyard, blood for blood, through the bus windows, onto the tv in the shop. Strewn.

One has to wonder how many journalists have asked about a follow-up story on MH17.

The narrative over Ukraine, who almost certainly shot it down, and the writing of Russia as the new Nazism suggests we are in for an impossible few years. A will of control has been realised, and the seasons have ingressed into their own form of war.