The Triumvirates Project

INDONESIA, Sibolangit : In this photograph taken on April 16, 2014, a veterinary staff member of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme center conducts medical examinations on a 14-year-old male orangutan found with air gun metal pellets embedded in his body in Sibolangit district in northern Sumatra island. The orangutan was rescued by Indonesia’s ministry of forestry personnel and Orangutan Information Center on April 15, 2014 in nearby Langkat district in a small patch of forest and agricultural plantation. The center has cared for over 280 orangutans rescued from palm oil plantations, poachers and pet owners and over 200 have been reintroduced in the wilds. The critically-endangered primates population are dwindling rapidly due to poaching and rapid destruction of their forest habital that is being converted into palm oil plantation. AFP PHOTO / SUTANTA ADITYA

Individual negation of time is a game of modernity.

Modernity is an individual game. Production of the individual progresses along with the negation of time - its passing is devalorised just as it is experienced.

The peace treaty becomes, ‘Who will monopolise the peace treaty?’

The great paradox of feminism is that it engages a revisionism against women. While it may be true that men are primarily responsible for formal violence throughout history, it is women, or the feminising discourse, that supports these men through a domestic sphere of passivity - a zone of sanctifying relinquishment. Feminine and real violence is the primary cause of its being unleashed, and it is women (or femininity) who tend to choose the figures who are most capable of guarding the outward movement of walls towards an unseen violence. Their domestic sphere of passive sanctification accumulates according to the choice of a ruthless leader, or a desperate leader, or a self-destructive leader. Eventually the feminising outward movement of violence can do nothing but return to the inside.

The great irony of scientific and feminist slow genocide is that neither the scientist nor the feminist recognise their own activity as violence.

One has to wonder why testosterone has been decreasing and yet we’re still on the brink of WWIII.

The simple answer is that we’re not necessarily most like primates; and also, in many species the alpha males are the least violent members of the group. It is likely that continued apparent passivity occurs as a form of alphaness itself, a collective condition of avoidance to the stress of being the alpha.

This is very much how the feminist imperative against maleness operates, an abstraction of violence which is only an apparent decrease. Violence and stress becomes a categorical ingression and a doubled imperative. Society without the alpha is permanent offsetting of violence, but as violence.

I’m fine with cops, lobotomists, and prison guards, just so long as they’re pretty enough.